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Require effective pest control in your home or workplace? Then call Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT today. We provide quality PEST MANAGEMENT ensuring a job well done every time.

Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT has been involved in the PEST MANAGEMENT industry since 1992. Our service men have had over 30 years' experience

Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT is a New Zealand owned company.

Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT is a member of the PEST MANAGEMENT Association of New Zealand (PMANZ)

Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT treat clients with a caring personal touch and everyone is important.

Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT individualises programmes to suit each client.

This can vary according to the business or organisation, so it is important that your PEST MANAGEMENT programme is designed for your companies personal protection.

Cost Effective Services
Our services include commercial, industrial, warehouse and high-rise office pest management services.
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Different Pests are higher risk for certain businesses:

  • Moths are high risk for companies dealing with textiles
  • German Cockroach infestation is a problem for the food industry
  • Rodents are a problem for all industries as they travel and breed regularly. The damage and disease they cause is second to none
  • Bed bugs are a concern for hotels and Back Packers. They are spread quickly by visitors from all over the world
  • Birds carry diseases and destroy most things. Their faeces, on ledges, roofs, furniture and other areas are unattractive as well as destructive


Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT service programme covers all specific threats.

Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT will recommend the service you require at a reasonable cost.

Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT will guide you by:

  • Protecting your living and working environment
  • Reducing health risks
  • Assisting you in protecting your property investments


Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT will solve your PEST MANAGEMENT concerns in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Auckland Regional PEST MANAGEMENT is committed to giving you the very best in the latest PEST MANAGEMENT developments available.

Everyone has different needs and we do our very best to match our level of service to your individual needs.

We can solve your pest problems right now, and give you advice and solutions about future potential pest problems.

Our services include:
Pest Control and Pest Management Services for: Residential, Homes, Commercial, Office, Industrial, Rental, Real Estate, Management, Body Corporate, Hospital, Restaurant, Hospitality, Hotel, Motel, Resort, School, College, Retail, Shop, Kitchen, Bakery, Shopping Centre, Church, Child Care, Townhouse, Apartment, Flat, Unit, Food Service, Factory, HACCP, Doctor, Surgery, Health Care, Mall, Casino, Property Management